3 Stories of Ridesharing and Marijuanna

maryjaneMarijuana has a special place in the Bay Area. This is the home of the Beat Movement, the Summer of Love and Haight Ashbury. It’s rare that you’ll walk the gleaming, gritty and dirty streets of San Francisco and not smell pot wafting through the air. For the record, I am not a pot smoker but I love the culture built around it.

So, all that said, it is quite natural for the subject of marijuana to come up in discussion as it is such a central part of the area’s culture.

Here are three stories, about pot, as told to me by passengers.

1. Startup CEO vs Burning Man Hashcake

What happened when this CEO accidentally consumed enough pot to get a herd of elephants stoned

2. Medical Marijuana Trumps Bay Area Earthquake

Hear how pot effected these stoners during that last earthquake

3. Mimosas, Marijuana and Trouble at the Mexican Border

When two post-college age girls get caught on the wrong side of the border with marijuana

Do you have any absurd pot-related stories? If so, share them in the comments below!