Eviction, Activism and Google – Pt 2

IMG_4944.JPGYou may have read our last story about Beatrice, the unlikely eviction activist who employs a creative and inclusive approach to solving the Bay Area’s housing and eviction problem.

Beatrice went to the local Google shuttle bus stops to hand out flyers inviting people to the October 4th March ran by Our Mission No Eviction. What is amazing about this is that there is a lot of tension between long time, working class, San Francisco residents and the tech industry. Google and Facebook are among the largest Bay Area tech companies.

Beatrice mentioned how she had to build up the courage to make this move. Luckily, her efforts were more or less well received. It would be interesting to learn if anyone from Google or any other major tech companies showed up in support.

What do you think? Is it tech companies’ responsibility to work with communities on housing and eviction issues?