Good Karma, from the couch to the Rolling Stones

the stonesI picked up Cory from The Presidio district of San Francisco. This guy was basically a magnet for some insanely good luck. I couldn’t help but think that he must have been a saint in a former life to have this kind of karma.

Cory, age 39, moved here from Maryland. Like so many people I’ve spoken to he came to SF on a whim. He and a few friends were on a cross-country road trip, and he decided to stay. We spoke about the music festivals that he is attending and how he followed a few jam bands in the nineties. I shared that I was on Haight-Ashbury when Jerry Garcia died. I was with a bunch of homeless/traveling hippies and punks and the reaction was, “oh man, that sucks. Pass the bowl.” I should say that this was not in any way meant to disrespectful but embodied the saying “right on,” as in, “life goes on,” “don’t get hung up and attached to everything.” Very tell tale of the San Francisco culture that I love.

Fast forward to the summer of 2013. Cory and his wife were laying around on the couch watching bad reality TV. They were getting ready to tune into the Rolling Stones concert which was being aired from nearby, Oakland. Not all that busy, they wished they had tickets, but the seats were mega-expensive and they just didn’t plan for it. A few minutes later, ring…ring…ring, they picked up a call from a good friend who happened to have two extra tickets and decided to give them, for free, to Cory and his wife! What a sweet deal!

They hopped in the car and headed to the East Bay (Oakland.) Traffic was horrific as if the entire West Coast filtered onto the highway to see the concert. On the way, listening to the radio, Cory decided to call in to enter into a contest to win free Trey Anastasio tickets. Sure enough, continuing his lucky streak, the dj answered his call. But, he answered with a question: “What year was Glenn Frey from the Eagles born?” Cory, in his head was like, “how the fuck do I know?” So, he guessed, 1948. And, drum roll please, he was correct!

Cory and his wife arrived at the Stadium, and the Stones were still nowhere near playing. The seats were nosebleeds, but they were so excited to be there. A few minutes in they noticed a few people trading tickets with an agent, so they went to investigate. They approached the agent who, for some reason I’m unsure of, was trading nosebleed seats with better seats. Before they knew it, Cory and his wife were on the floor a few yards away from the stage. It gets better! Once the Stones went on the stage moved, and they ended up about 15 feet from Mic Jagger the whole nights. So, they went from the couch wishing they had Stones tickets to being feet away from the band who defined rock and roll.

Think this is a fluke? This past summer when attending a free concert at Stern Grove Park, they received a phone call from another friend who was giving away a one-day pass to the Outside Lands Festival. Score!

Something about San Francisco inspires people to share. And, if you’re on either end of that the results can be pretty magical. Needless to say, Cory must have some good friends out there!