Heather, The last thing that moved me? #WhatMovesMe

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I asked my ride share passenger, Heather, “what was the last thing that moved you, as part of the#WhatMovesMe series on this blog.

The weekend just before the Blue Angel visited us in San Francisco, was one of the warmest and prettiest few days of the year. My friends and I made plans to go out, on a boat, in the San Francisco Bay. Once there, surrounded by some very dramatic landscape, we decided to jump in the water. It was cold! Just as it was cold it was also very freeing! How often does one get to go in the water in a big city?

As humans, we are made up of mostly water, yet we are so distant and separated from it. Ever since I was a child, I loved going in the water, I feel as if it opens up your heart and your mind.

As ride share drivers, we have been asking our passengers, “What was the last thing that moved you?” #WhatMovesMe is a window into human experience and personal storytelling through the brief moment that driver and passenger share, together.

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