Medical Marijuana Trumps Bay Area Earthquake

chocolate-marijuana-chemicals-07-28I drove on the Sunday after the earthquake and my passengers had a full range of reactions to the event. Some people were scared while others found humor in the situation. One particularly funny story was told to me by one of my passengers in Berkeley. I felt like this was so definitively California.

Abha is an international student studying computer science and business at UC Berkeley. She spent Saturday evening, at her apartment, with her boyfriend and his sister. Rather than going out they decided to have a Netflix night.

Just as every Bay Area Netflix night should be, they decided to get some sweet decriminalized, medical marijuana to help them through the anxieties of studentship. What made this that much more notable – and arguably that much more “California” – they decided to make pot chocolate using chocolate from the Mission’s amazing Dandelion chocolate store. Dandelion describes their process as “from bean to bar” and their buyers actually fly to the farms to meet the farmers who grow their cacao beans. Very California (and why not?!)

The only person who did not eat the gourmet, fair trade, organic medical marijuana chocolate was Abha’s boyfriend’s sister. So, as a result, she was awake, and scared, through the entire earthquake. She repeatedly tried to wake up her brother and Abha but to no avail. Apparently, not even a force of nature can compete with some serious medical-grade pot chocolate. Right on.