Mimosas, marijuana, and trouble at the Mexican border

mexicoI picked Michelle up from Pacific Heights, a wealthy neighborhood in San Francisco. She was a jovial 20-something-year-old who recently moved here from San Diego.

Pot smoke is a-wafting

It was a stunningly beautiful San Francisco day. I had all the windows and sunroof down to let in that honey-like California sun. As I drove Michelle south of Market we passed by the Tenderloin District and a giant cloud of pot smoke wafted into the car. Of course, this is entirely common pretty much anywhere in San Francisco. San Franciscans have a different perspective on pot than most anywhere else in the country.

Michelle practically sprung up out of her seat and said, “have I got a story for you!!” (Sometimes blogging is too easy)

Just a girl’s day out, right?

A few months ago Michelle’s friend from college flew back to the West Coast for vacation. She was going to spend some time in sunny San Diego and then head to Mexico for a relaxing weekend of drinking on the beach. Michelle met her friend for brunch and planned to drive her to the Mexican border.

After some serious eggs benedict, mimosas and bellinis (hopefully not too much), the two reunited friends hopped in their 2011 green Volkswagen buggy and headed for our Spanish-speaking neighbors!

Was that the Mexican border?

I’ve never been to Mexico, which I hope to change soon, but I imagine that the border on this side is not as well marked as going the other direction (from Mexico to the US.) Why do I think this? Well, Michelle and her friend, as she told me, were having such great conversation that they blew right past the Mexican border. Whoops!! We’ve all been there. Some intense girl-talk and all of a sudden the night flew right by, just like the border to Mexico.

They did not think anything of it. Who would? Two 20-something-year-old American gals out cruising on a sunny afternoon. Totally innocent, right? Well, remember what I said about how Californians think about pot? This is all great until you get to Mexico. This is especially the case when you have a year’s worth of roaches in your ashtray. Again, whops!

So, let’s take inventory of the day here. How did two girlfriends meeting up for brunch and drinks turn into a potential jail sentence? I could only imagine these two blonde twenty-three-year-old girls locked away in a Mexican (or any) prison. I would not be laughing!

The patrol officer went through their car and found the roaches. They stood for a good 90-minutes outside of the car in total denial of what was happening. It did not help that their Spanish was bad and most of the patrol officers only spoke broken English. They were scared. I would be too! After their extended wait, they were approached by a senior officer

4 foot tall savior? Mexican border control getting real

The officer in command was a woman who stood about four-foot-nine. Her presence, although calming, carried authority. According to Michelle, the other officers had already confiscated their marijuana. Also according to Michelle, the officer took one look at her and said, “go home young lady…NOW!”

It was undoubtedly Michelle’s lucky day. We should be thankful that their girls-day-out didn’t turn into court and prison.

One day the rest of the world will catch up with our more progressive cities and not take pot so seriously. Until then, keep your weed away from the Mexican border or any border, please. Unless, of course, you’d like to be featured on Ride Share Tales.