Ragia: The last thing that moved me? #WhatMovesMe

“I want to extend my hand, reach out and help him but I don’t know how to. It breaks my heart and that’s the most recent thing that’s moved me. I see this brilliant young man, with endless potential, the brains to move the world- wallowing in an atrocious situation. There he was; feeble, edgy and in dire need for more. This man was once one of the most absolutely brilliant people I have ever met. No wait a minute, he still is, it’s just that he’s eating away his spotless brain and it’s breaking my heart.”

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What moves Ragia

As ride share drivers, we have been asking our passengers, “What was the last thing that moved you?” #WhatMovesMe is a window into human experience and personal storytelling through the brief moment that driver and passenger share, together.

Share the last thing that moved you and use the #WhatMovesMe hashtag.