Ride share driving and cocaine, a love story

ride the white horseEarlier on in my driving days I picked up two women, around age 30, from the Marina on a Friday evening. They stumbled into my car and were almost immediately annoying. People don’t tend to “annoy” me, but there was something particularly off about these two. They continued to use my name very overly-frequently. “hey Erik!” “How is your evening, Erik?” “Which way from here, Erik?”, etc.

I did my best to entertain them and stay polite. As the ride progressed, conversation turned away from me and remained intimate between the two young ladies. Soon, I heard them saying, “What do you think Erik would think?” “Do you think Erik would be okay with that?” “How about Erik?” “I know! Let’s ask Erik!”

One girl leaned over from the back seat; her messy blonde hair flooded into the front of the car while obscuring half of her face. With a slightly slurred, yet excited tone she said, “Hey Erik, would you-a mind if we-ah whipped out a key and rode the ‘ol white pony here in your backseat?”

Before I responded, I had to first convince myself that this was real, and then needed to laugh. I’m customer service oriented, but not THAT customer service oriented. Heck, I’ve heard stories of passengers “gifting” drivers all sorts of goodies, but there was no way that was going to go on in my backseat. I clearly communicated this. No judgements though! I’m glad they asked.

My two lady friends had to put on their thinking caps. What were they to do now? How were they going to work on the logistics of doing cocaine, if not in my car as that was their initial plan, then where? They clearly needed a Plan B, and fast. The heat was on! That said, there was more riding on this white pony ride than one may anticipate.

Both girls were on their way to a party, and one was meeting her new Prince Charming. Although Prince Charming apparently rode his white pony to wipe her off her feet, there is apparently nothing in the story books about this princess riding her own white pony.

She expressed serious concern because she did not want to come out of the bathroom, after doing cocaine, and look “cracked out” in front of her new man. Hmm, what to do, what to do?

There is no telling how these two young ladies solved this momentous problem, but I trust they all rode happily into the sunset.

Have drugs ever created awkward situations for you? If so, share your story in the comment section!