Taxi cab driver throwdown – Ecuador vs Russia

redI picked up a young lady originally from Banos, Ecuador. She’s been living in San Francisco, with her boyfriend, for the last ten years. She recounted an experience, early on in her residency, that she had with one particularly psycho cab driver. Being from NYC, I thought I heard it all but was clearly wrong.

Her driver, a close to 300-pound Russian woman, picked the couple up from a night out on the town. As she was describing the situation, I’m imagining that the driver resemble Red from Orange is the New Black, complete with a coif of fire red hair and biceps bigger than me.

Before continuing their evening on the other side of town, they asked to make a quick stop at home. The driver dropped off the woman’s boyfriend at their front door.

As he ran into the house, the cabbie told her remaining passenger that she could not stay in their current parking spot or she would potentially face a citation. So, she did what any upstanding citizen would do and proceeded to pull away from the streetlight and into a dark and secluded section of the street. Once situated, the cabbie got out of the vehicle, walked to the back door of the car and pulled the door open. Using her size, about three times that of her victim, she tried to intimidate the unsuspecting passenger and demanded her wallet and jewelry. The passenger blindly screamed, kicked, punched and did what ever she could to ward off her unfairly matched opponent.

All the while her boyfriend was still in the apartment, she managed to defend herself and get away fairly unscathed. Her boyfriend finally came out to meet his distressed partner. She explained the situation at which point they called the police. I didn’t get to hear what happened to “Red,” the robber cab driver, but one can assume she had charges pressed against her. I had to wonder, what was she thinking?